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About GoalGetters Virtual Solutions Inc

GoalGetters Virtual Solutions Inc provides business services for GoalGetters. What is a GoalGetter? An individual who is determined to crush their goals no matter what obstacles come their way. From virtual business assistance, to graphic design and social media management, to providing work-from-home solutions. We strive to help people crush their personal and professional goals.


GoalGetters was founded by the Owner and CEO, Suliet Rivera-McCorley. Suliet has college degrees in Business Management and Business Administrative Technology, along with over 5 professional certificates in Entrepreneur Management, Management and Leadership, and Human Resources Management, just to name a few.


Suliet has 2 children, one having Autism Spectrum Disorder. Suliet knew that her children needed special attention and care, so she decided to work from home to spend more time with her family and to homeschool her children. Having 5 years of experience working from home and a passion for entrepreneurship and business management, Suliet decided to found GoalGetters Virtual Solutions Inc to help other individuals who desire to work from home and/or build and grow their business.



Here at GoalGetters Virtual Solutions Inc, we value family time, personal development, and the pursuit of your goals. Our mission is to provide the best solutions for individuals who want to work from home and/or build and grow their business, but still want the freedom to be their own boss and make time for the things that matter most.

Suliet Rivera
Chief Executive Officer
CSP Advisor and Virtual Business Assistant
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